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Animal Arena is a single-screen platforming game developed by Adventure Islands Studio. In this quirky game, your objective is to jump and bop up to three other players on the head within the arena. The player who successfully bops the most opponents emerges as the victor.

The gameplay is delightfully simple, with your character autonomously running across the screen, and you have control over just a single button. A single tap causes your character to jump, while a double-tap swiftly changes their direction. This streamlined control scheme may seem overly simplistic, but it results in a joyfully chaotic gaming experience. The directional change ability can be employed with strategic finesse, and an array of zany power-ups spices up the gameplay.

The levels themselves boast unique elements, and there’s a diverse selection of them to keep you entertained. Likewise, you’ll find a wide array of unlockable animal characters to play as. Multiplayer mode is limited to local, same-device play, which complements the game’s one-button controls perfectly. However, the addition of an online mode or local wireless play for battling human opponents on separate screens would be a welcome feature.

Animal Arena promises an enjoyable experience for those who have ever wished for a peculiar game like Super Smash Bros. You can get your hands on this unique gaming concoction for free with ads, along with an optional in-app purchase to remove ads when it launches on November 9th. It’s available for pre-order on the iOS App Store and open for Android pre-registration on the Google Play Store.

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