Alphadia I & II

Alphadia I & II Overview

Kemco Studio is going to release Alphadia I & II into one game for Android and iOS this 2024. This is a epic epic fantasy RPG series like the old ones with some new mechanics and an improved graphic interface.

Step into a beautifully reimagined world, where captivating characters embark on enthralling journeys brought to life through enhanced graphics. Immerse yourself in a more intricate narrative with cross events that connect the stories of I and II. Choices made in one game have a profound impact on the unfolding drama in the other, leading to the revelation of the elusive true ending of Alphadia II. Conquer both titles and fulfill specific conditions to unveil this hidden conclusion, accompanied by a trove of rewards, including an enemy catalog and various exciting extras.

Alphadia I: Embark on a compelling journey centered around ‘energi,’ a mystical power derived from life energy. After the tumultuous Energi War leaves humanity in disarray, a century of reconstruction brings about an illusion of peace. However, the Schwarzschild Empire’s declaration of war shatters this semblance, plunging the world into chaos once more. The frontier city of Heiland becomes the backdrop for a new story of resilience and hope.

Alphadia II: Two centuries have elapsed since the Energi Crisis averted the empire’s ambitions and saved the world from destruction. Yet, the world’s life energy now wanes, posing a threat to its very existence. Enah, a heroic figure, establishes the Energi Guild to counter this ominous decline. While the Guild’s initial efforts bring stability, a resurgence of energi-related ambitions lurks in the shadows, heralding a new wave of challenges and adventures.

Alphadia I & II is a premium release in Android and iOS, it will be out in January 11.

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