Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains

Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains Overview

Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains (東京喰種:Break the Chains) is an upcoming strategy card game infused with RPG elements, inspired by the beloved manga series. It is currently available for pre-registration on Android and iOS devices in select regions.

The game’s narrative closely mirrors that of the manga, centering around Kaneki, a college student whose life takes a drastic turn when he encounters one of the flesh-eating creatures known as ghouls, ultimately becoming a half-ghoul himself.

In Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains, players will follow the journey of Ken Kaneki, a student who frequents the Anteiku cafe and forms a profound connection with a woman who shares his life experiences and passion for literature. A pivotal accident occurs during a fateful bookstore rendezvous with Rize Kamishiro, leading to a life-altering transplant involving ghoul organs.

Within the game, players are treated to exhilarating strategic battles, employing card combos enriched with immersive 3D animations. They can assemble a formidable team comprising over 30 characters from the original series, fostering unique bonds with each teammate. Additionally, various gameplay modes await, including a storyline mode, solo maze exploration, cooperative challenges with fellow players, and engaging player-versus-player battles.

Pre-registration for “Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains” is currently accessible in select regions within the SEA countries, encompassing Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, and Singapore. Interested players can pre-register through the Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS devices, or alternatively, via email or phone number through the game’s official website.  As for the global release date, the makers have yet to make an official announcement.

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