Captain Tsubasa RIVALS

Captain Tsubasa RIVALS Overview

Captain Tsubasa RIVALS, the latest addition to the realm of blockchain games, is now available on both Android and iOS platforms, offering an entertaining soccer gaming experience inspired by the beloved Captain Tsubasa manga.

Developed by SWORD MANAGEMENT, Captain Tsubasa RIVALS is an engaging football game where players can nurture their characters and compete against iconic figures from the Captain Tsubasa manga, as well as other players worldwide, in their quest to become the ultimate World Champion.

The game is designed to be player-friendly, requiring only 5 minutes a day for matches, making it accessible for those with limited gaming time. With quick battles and turn-based mechanics, players can experience a variety of original characters and engage in battles during their free time.

Captain Tsubasa RIVALS offers multiple approaches to battles, allowing players to choose characters to upgrade, select the right deck, and utilize items effectively. The game features a story mode and real-time PvP against global challengers, providing ample content for players to enjoy every day and experience Captain Tsubasa in a way that suits their preferences.

With its official global launch, Captain Tsubasa RIVALS is now available for download on Android and iOS through the Google Play Store and App Store, respectively.

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Captain Tsubasa RIVALS Download

Captain Tsubasa RIVALS Download

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