The King of Fighters: Survival City

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Joycity has announced the next The King of Fighters game. The King of Fighters: Survival City mobile game is expected to launch globally with no concrete launch date. The game was first introduced as The King of Fighters: Street War back in 2020.

Survival CIty is a base-building real-time action strategy game where you’ll be collecting characters from the KOF series and commanding them to battle against NESTS.

In this new game players will be able to collect familiar characters from the KOF series. The game story is about the fighters going against the evil organization known as NESTS, this time seeking world domination through an experimental army.

In this alternate universe of the King of Fighters that has been conquered by NESTS, the people of the world have been turned into either cyborgs or afflicted zombies, roaming across the world and causing violence and mayhem. Only the strongest fighters can survive, and to stand a chance against NESTS, you must band these fighters who once called each other enemies and turn them into allies!

Collect characters from the KOF franchise, construct buildings, and secure areas captured by NESTS, and fight back the hoard in this new take on the classic fighting game series.

It was mentioned that The King of Fighters: Survival City “faithfully retaining the charm of the original fighting game” with players able to “use each character’s special moves in the battle stage.” A one-day Focus Group Test will be held in South Korea on November 1.

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