Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom

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Bandai Namco has unveiled Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom, set to debut on Apple Arcade on January 4, 2024. This new Tamagotchi game will be available only on Apple devices. We don’t know if it’s gonna be released for Android or PC.

Embark on a captivating journey with Mametchi to address the aftermath of a mysterious meteor’s descent. Dive into the enchanting World of Tamagotchi, where Mametchi traverses the land, tackling challenges, forging friendships, and employing the power of happiness to restore the kingdom.

Shape and adorn your wilderness camp, inviting your most devoted Tamagotchi companions. Engage in play, cultivate friendships, explore their vibrant world, and personalize your Tamagotchi heroes with preferred outfits.

Immerse yourself in the charming and joyful realm of Tamagotchi, experiencing an unexpected adventure filled with surprises. Uncover hidden treasures and solve mysteries as you traverse the vast landscape by walking, driving, and swimming.

Craft your camp into a cozy haven, providing Mametchi and friends a relaxing retreat between their escapades. Encounter nearly 300 Tamagotchi friends, each brimming with a unique personality, from the brave Mametchi and loyal Kuchipatchi to the regal Gotchi King and the extraterrestrial companion, Meteoritchi.

Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom promises a treasure trove of delights and surprises, eagerly awaiting your discovery.

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