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Download PurrChess, a 3D mobile cat-themed chess with customized boards. The game is launching globally on Google Play for Android users for free. Command cats and try out different openings or defenses against opponents from all around the world.

The not-so-good thing is that a lot of things are locked from the start. You do get coins from time to time and as a daily rewards. If that feels too grindy, you can buy the, in form of an in-app purchase. Coins are the key to unlocking everything.

The game is pretty new and the developers are promising to add more stuff as it grows. Purrchess in its current form is promising, but more content is needed. At least we can choose from several different cat breeds and some decked in fancy costumes to checkmate in style with flair.

Purrchess pretends to be a fun chess game. The chess part is always the same, the same rules, some fun tweaks, but the point is to get the cat designs all over the place. What about the multiplayer? well, we can look for opponents of different elo ratings on PurrChess’s discord server and ingame options.

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