Power Pro Baseball Eikan 9 Crossroads

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KONAMI’s latest baseball game, Power Pro Baseball Eikan 9 Crossroads, is set to make its debut on Android and iOS devices in Japan this Summer. Console gamers can also look forward to its release on a future date.

Power Pro Baseball Eikan 9 Crossroads aims to provide an immersive and complete baseball experience for fans and players alike. Its primary focus lies in the Eikan Nine mode, a highly regarded feature within the renowned Power Pro Baseball series.

Unlike its predecessors, the game places a significant emphasis on team management, allowing players to take control of all 9 players on the roster, rather than just one. The Eikan Nine mode enables deeper strategic gameplay, making it a standout aspect of the game.

In this installment, players will take on the role of a high school baseball team’s club manager, aspiring for success in local tournaments and beyond. The storyline follows the team’s journey from the grassroots level, competing in inter-school and college matches, to ultimately challenging national-level opponents.

Team selection and management will prove crucial in the game, as players must recruit high school students strategically to build a formidable team capable of reaching the national championships. With this feature, fans can expect hours of engaging content to enjoy.

We will update with more news to come. Stay tuned. In Game screens are not available yet.

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