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MythWalker, the first game from NantGames Studio, introduces an interesting geolocation fantasy role-playing experience set to launch on iOS and Android devices. Players will immerse themselves in the magical realm of Mytherra, tasked with investigating attacks on this parallel reality under the enigmatic guidance of The Child.

In the geolocation fantasy role-playing game MythWalker, players will navigate the enchanting universe of Mytherra, responding to the summons of a powerful entity known only as The Child. This mysterious narrator will lead players on ethereal expeditions and adventures, unraveling the truth behind the attacks on her planet. Mytherra, a mirror universe to Earth, becomes the backdrop for players to explore the connection and shared histories between the two realms while aiding Mytherra’s warriors in defending their home.

To cater to diverse playstyles, players can also select from three playable classes: the Priest, the Spellslinger, and the Warrior, each featuring unique fighting strategies and strengths. With over 60 foes scattered across different locations and biomes, players have ample opportunities to experiment with new maneuvers, spells, and weaponry.

For additional purchases and sales, players can visit Mad’s Market, the city’s general store, where the former Wulven explorer Madra “Mad” MacLachlan is available. Subsequent beta tests will introduce additional gameplay modes, including social features, multiplayer/co-op, story quests, characters, and more.

The game is currently undergoing a closed beta test in Australia, with plans to expand to other regions throughout 2024.

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