Miwa: The Sacred Fox

Miwa: The Sacred Fox Overview

Miwa: The Sacred Fox is a new adventure indie game from developer Bakistudio. Embark on a Japanese-Hawaiian tale where light becomes the last beacon of hope for survival. Step into the roles of Shima Nobu and the fox Miwa to rescue the village from encroaching darkness.This game is a captivating 2D adventure platformer featuring intriguing puzzle elements and a visually stunning hand-drawn mystical world.

Set in a dark, magical Japanese realm during the Kanaloa festival, Miwa: The Sacred Fox unfolds as night marchers rise from the ocean each evening, guided by the haunting tones of a conch shell. Marching in large groups, they head towards the tarnished sacred places of Japan, including your beleaguered village. Left with memories of screams and loss as one of the few survivors, you embark on a quest to sanctify your village. Armed with determination, you explore the dark caverns, ancient city ruins, and magical landscapes of Japan, accompanied by the enigmatic sacred fox, Miwa.

Miwa features a classic 2D platformer gameplay with advanced controls. Execute double jumps, charges, dashes, and slashes to navigate the mystical world of Japan. Play as two characters, each with unique mechanics – Shima Nobu and the fox Miwa. Collaborate to solve puzzles and progress through the adventure. Level up during your journey, trading souls for experiences to enhance your character with additional health orbs. Encounter over 15 different enemies as you traverse the captivating adventure.

Right now we don’t have a release date for mobile devices, but if you are interested, Miwa is available on Steam.

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Miwa The Sacred Fox

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