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Land of Goals is a new football game from LaLiga Entertainment. Now available for pre-registration on both Android and iOS devices. This game represents a collaborative entertainment venture between LaLiga and PortAventura World.

In “Land Of Goals,” players are invited to embark on an exhilarating journey towards becoming the premier soccer star within the enchanting realm of PortAventura World. Along the way, they will have the unique opportunity to encounter legendary figures from LaLiga as they immerse themselves in this captivating adventure, utilizing their exceptional skills to score goals and vie for the coveted championship title.

Players enjoy complete freedom in crafting their gaming experience. They can select and customize their own character, choose their favorite team, and dive into action. The game offers opportunities to score goals, tackle challenges, reap rewards, and ascend through the ranks of soccer greatness.

As an incentive for pre-registering, players will receive an MVP Starter pack as a reward, which includes the Sports Club set (Common rarity) comprising Wool Hat (x20 collectibles), Emerald Hoodie (x20 collectibles), Pink Sport Tights (x20 collectibles), and Bunny Shoes (x20 collectibles), along with the Tang Suit set (Epic rarity) featuring Tang Suit (x10 collectibles) and Tang Pants (x10 collectibles). Additionally, players will receive a pack of 1100 Game Coins and 40 Game Gems (Game Tokens).

Currently, “Land Of Goals” is undergoing a soft launch exclusively in Mexico, while the rest of the world is in the pre-registration phase. The game can be accessed via the Google Play Store and App Store. Details regarding the global launch are yet to be unveiled, creating anticipation for how this exciting venture will unfold.

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