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Heartopia is a new life simulator developed by XD Tap Tap. The promotional video announced at TapTap present 2020 was interesting. It’s a simulation game similar to Animal Crossing, but it seems to have more graphics than other games and a variety of play styles that allow you to socialize with users. In Heartopia no matter your hobbies, personality, talents, or appearance, Heartopia is your chance to share them with the world

Rise with the morning sun daily to seed, water, and fertilize your plants as you watch them blossom. Grow your favorite flowers and create the garden of your fantasies. If landscaping isn’t your passion, you can explore every inch of town, learn the birdsongs that echo through the forest, or journey to mountain springs. With your fishing rod and basket in hand, you can even join your friends on the fishing journey of a lifetime.

Harness your imagination and build the home of your dreams. Gather resources to craft exquisite furniture, build a roof over your head, and let out your inner DIY designer. Crossbreed flowers into stunning colors which can be refined into dyes or turned into vibrant works of art. Your home can be as colorful as your imagination. Break free of reality in Heartopia and pursue your hobbies without restriction. Become a chef, a gardener, a fisherman, a painter, or even a musician.

Heartopia is an interesting mobile game in the simulator genre. Global multiplayer is the key of this project. The cartoon style focuses on fun and sets the appropriate mood. Also, this project draws inspiration from genres like children games, third-person. Heartopia has been developed by XD Entertainment. Here we have collected everything about Heartopia, namely news, articles, videos, screenshots, user reviews and similar games.

The game is in Pre-register state, there are no dates for a global release yet.


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