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Bandai Namco is set to release an exciting mobile RPG called Digimon Source Code, which was showcased during ChinaJoy 2023. The game brings together creatures from the Digimon universe and incorporates a compelling turn-based gameplay system.

In Digimon Source Code, battles are conducted in a turn-based manner, focusing on speed and strategy. Each turn, all units, including Digimon, take action. Digimon have access to various moves, such as basic attacks, evasions, and special attacks that draw from their energy pool. A key aspect of the game lies in the synergy between Digimon, as specific combinations can unleash powerful team attacks. This rewards players for carefully constructing their teams, allowing them to relive iconic moments from the anime.

The game’s standout feature is the implementation of physically based rendering (PBR) technology, which enhances the graphics and character models. With PBR, the game achieves an impressive level of detail and realism, accentuating elements like Gabumon’s fur or the gleam of WarGreymon’s armor. Not only the characters but also the environments and maps boast a similar level of intricacy.

Moreover, players have the opportunity to fuse and Digivolve Digimon into their ultimate forms, including the formidable Omnimon and other powerful fusions. With over 300 Digimon available at launch, featuring fan favorites from various series, players will have an extensive roster to explore and enjoy in their quest through the Digimon Source Code universe.

As of now, Digimon Source Code is exclusively available in China (like Digimon New Century). Players from the region have the option to pre-register for the game on its official website. No details are revealed about the global launch yet.

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Digimon Source Code Announced

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