Digimon New Generation (New Century)

Digimon New Generation (New Century) Overview

Download the new Digimon game: Digimon New Generation (New Century). This is a new game based on the popular anime series Digimon. Was first launched as Digimon New Century but in it’s latest release is known as New Generation. The new plot and new gameplay will take us to Apa Island, a world full of old and new digimons.

Digimon: New Generation was developed by Bandai Namco (Shanghai) and studio Qixia Interactive Entertainment. The game has been under development for almost three years, and the copyright owner, author, is closely involved in the game. While the game has an independent world view  about the Digimon story and has an evolutionary mechanism, it inherits the classic plot of the original animation. So, we can expect a new world adventure alongside some nostalgia for old stories and friends.

The game is a strategic RPG with some gacha mechanics. It combines a tactical approach with the mechanics of traditional cards in order to create our own multi-dimensional Digimon team. We can expect more digimons to appear in the game with new updates, but new and classic ones are present.

The graphics are top notch, the art is really good and the battle animations are really cool. The digimons designs are par to the anime, the attack animations are gorgeous and the fluid combat makes battles really fun. Ayumi Miyazaki is responsible for the production and singing of the game’s theme song, reinterpreting “evolution”; we also have the original voice actors of Digimon animation.

The production level of the game is really good, however, this game is only available in China at this moment and we don’t have a global released scheduled yet. there is no option for in-game english translation.

If you want to play Digimon New Generation (New Century) you can download the APK in TapTap or in the Chinese App Store. In order to play you need a QQ or Wechat login, Chinese ID is required.

The Digimon Card Game has recently announced an upcoming project set to debut in 2024, with further details expected to be revealed in December 2023. The announcement trailer […]

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