Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat

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Download Devil May Cry Peak of Combat, the next Devil May Cry game is coming soon. Now, NebulaJoy games has announced the pre-registration campaign for the mobile game. Players can now PRE-REGISTER using Email on the official website for the chance to participate in the Closed Beta Test.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is a mobile version of the original Devil May Cry series, using many characters from the previous titles in a separate story. The game is really well known for its amazing combat hack and slash. However, this mobile version includes gacha mechanics. In Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat player controls a team of up to three characters, known as demon hunters, in real-time combat against various enemies. The characters are well-known to the fans of the series. We can meet Dante, Lady, Vergil & Nero at the launch.

As expected, each character has unique skills and weaponry. We are going to know more once the beta is released. Right now, we can say that the new “Story” campaign consists of stages interspersed by dialogue in cutscenes and full motion videos (FMVs), is one of the single-player game options. Each chapter is divided into a level, which gives players the opportunity to explore a number of vast parts of the world to gather materials and complete a variety of hard tasks in addition to their personal storylines.

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat it is next to it’s close beta stage. Then we may have a open beta and a global release.

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