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Bird Wings: Let’s Swing is a fresh casual sports title developed by Finger International Technology Limited. This mobile game adaptation draws inspiration from Bandai Namco Pictures’ Golf animation, Bird Wings. The game is available for for pre-registrations on both Android and iOS in select regions, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Bird Wings: Let’s Swing promises an immersive golfing experience influenced by the beloved “Bird’s Wings” series. This sports-centric title places golf at the forefront, inviting players to put their swing skills to the test and challenge various records within the captivating world of “Bird’s Wings.” The game centers around two prominent characters, Eve and Aoi, where players assume control of these individuals, striving to achieve perfect swings and forge a successful career in the sport.

As an officially authorized product by Bandai Namco Pictures, “Bird Wings: Let’s Swing” weaves an engaging narrative into the gameplay. Player progression is intricately linked to their performance, unlocking new story developments as they advance. Eve, a resourceful girl hailing from the slums, excels in delivering instant straight balls that pierce opponents, while Aoi, the scion of the Aquila Group, inherits her family’s golfing legacy and possesses remarkable skills that defy her age.

For those eagerly anticipating this gaming marvel, “Bird Wings: Let’s Swing” is currently open for pre-registrations in the specified regions. Enthusiastic players and fans residing in these areas can access the game through Google Play and the App Store, preparing to embark on a golfing adventure like no other.

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