Bare Knuckle Boxing

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Bare Knuckle Boxing is an intense, no-holds-barred boxing experience on Android. After initiating pre-registrations back in July, Imperium Multimedia Games now invites players to enter a raw and rugged world where only the toughest fighters can prove their mettle in the ultimate test of strength and skill.

In this game, you’ll start as an unknown contender and climb the ranks to become a legendary champion. Craft a unique fighter by choosing from a wide array of customization options, including your fighter’s appearance, outfit, tattoos, and more.

One of the standout features of “Bare Knuckle Boxing” is its Career Mode, where you begin as an ambitious fighter looking to build a reputation. Through rigorous training and victories in the gritty underground fighting circuit, ascend the ranks. Unlock new gyms, trainers, and diverse fighting styles as you carve your path to glory.

But that’s not all – you’ll also have the opportunity to engage in thrilling battles against beloved Action Stars, Boxing Legends, MMA Champions, and even various movie and sports stars. Continuously refine your skills and abilities as you visit different gyms to enhance your stats and acquire formidable combat techniques.

For Android users, the game is readily available for download via the Google Play Store. While the game’s iOS availability remains uncertain, stay tuned for updates, as we’ll provide them here as soon as they become available. Get ready to step into the ring and prove your worth in “Bare Knuckle Boxing.”

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