World War Heroes WW2

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Download World War Heroes for Android and iPhone. This is one of the best games set in WWII. In World War Heroes, we can play against rivals from all over the world in different historical settings.

This is a war-type game. World War Heroes WW2 takes us to historical places and events. We have four countries in this battle, on the one hand we have the United States and the USSR and on the other we have Japan and Germany. The game has locations in all these countries as well as weapons and details depending on which faction we take.

This is an FPS type game. Our objective varies depending on the game mode we choose. We have the campaign that takes us from various points in history to relive the most important battles, full of action. In this mode we will know a little more about the events of WW2.

But in addition, the game has many player versus player modes. We have, for example, the duel to the death where all the players will fight each other to see who ends up with the highest score. Team mode, where we split into two teams and fight for the highest score.

The capture of points, where we must ensure the key points on each map that we capture.

We have other modes like “barracks defense”, “capture the flag” and more. This is a game where competitiveness is a very important factor and playing against other players is its most attractive feature. For this we will have all kinds of weapons at our disposal: machine guns, grenades, rifles, sniper rifles, bazookas, etc.

The game graphically is very good. It has settings with many details, as well as weapons and vehicles. Try to be as realistic as possible. The controls are intuitive and there is a lot of help when it comes to aiming. It plays very well, it is very easy to learn. The game is specially optimized to work on high-end and low-end devices alike. Totally free to download.

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