UNDECEMBER is an upcoming RPG game for Android and iPhone. The game has been release in Korea and a Global edition is in the way. This game told us an interesting and uneasy story.

“From darkness light was made, a light that was divided into 12 different divine beings. The twelve beings that were born from the void joined forces to create Traumy and lived peacefully among their descendants. His descendants prospered under the blessing of the twelve beings, now revered as deities. But one day, an unexpected being emerged: Serpens, the goddess of evil, came to life.”

One of the most fun parts in UNDECEMBER is combat. Being able to annihilate countless enemies at once is really fun. The evolution of the character depends on the enemies killed and the items obtained from them.

The emphasis in the game is on the idea of ​​progressing after annihilating the enemy. Unlike the usual evolution systems, here players will be able to design your own characters. You have freedom to choose between different combat styles since there are no predefined classes.

Once a character is created, it can be modify their equipment and skills to fit each person’s style of play. The stats are divided into Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence, but there are no equipment or combination restrictions. Players can use sword magic or summon their minions with the bow,
as well as creating own invoice compositions.

UNDECEMBER is available in Korea. A Global release date hasn’t been provided yet.

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