Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Overview

Tower of Fantasy by Hotta Studio is an upcoming ARPG with a high-quality esthetic, graphics, gameplay and a really nice anime style. Tower of Fantasy combines elements of exploration and adventure with an intense combat in real time in which we will use magic and some nice weapons.

Tower of Fantasy was officially announced during the ChinaJoy 2020 event, being the first project of Hotta Studio. It has an anime style running on Unreal 4 engine. We will have an open world that we will explore through a series of ARPG mechanics, a lot of action scenes, adventure and free exploration in this new world. The game also has a lot of cinematics full of action in which we can also participate through Quick Time Events.

This open world will be an attraction in itself: beyond the usual exploration options, with swimming and climbing, we will be offered the possibility of using an interesting variety of vehicles ranging from the sliders to the bikes, including jet-packs.

Regarding its gameplay, Tower of Fantasy brings a fun experience through a fluid ARPG mechanics which are complemented by a lot of puzzles and the promise of a complex story around salvation and destruction. Right now, we can’t really know what to expect about the story since the game hasn’t been released yet.

Tower of Fantasy

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