The Office Somehow We Manage

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Download The Office: Somehow We Manage, the official game for the TV Series The Office. This game has been released internationally on iOS and Android by East Side Games Group in conjunction with Universal Games and Digital Platforms.

“The Office: Somehow We Manage” is a idle game. We have to complete tasks as long we have energy to do them. The game reimagines the cast as animated characters, bringing an interesting experience to The Office fans. We can also see some scenes recreated from the tv series.

In The Office, like in the TV series, we have to work in order to prevent that Scranton closes. At the same time we have time to know the characters, their interactions and relationships. And of course, Michael Scott.

We also have special characters like Prison Mike, Farmer Dwight, Pretzel Day Stanley Three-Hole Punch Jim, all of them are taken from The Office, can be unlock as we progress in the game. Remember this is a free to play game, but has some ads in game.

If you are a fan of the tv series, this game will work for you. It’s simple on its mechanics, his main attraction is just to use The Office characters, see some new versiones and remember good momentos from the TV series. For me, it’s all about Jim and Dwight.

The Office Somehow We Manage is available to download on Android devices and iOS iPhones or iPad.

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