Super Baseball League

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Download Super Baseball League for Android and iPhone. HAEGIN has officially announced that their new casual PvP mobile sports game Super Baseball League is now available globally on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Super Baseball League has a fast-paced gameplay with multiple competitive modes, it also emphasizes in throwing, running, and other aspects of a genuine baseball game in a 1vs1 tie-breaker rule.

Like other sport games, the game has many challenges, we have to achieve the top of the Global Rankings by collecting and strengthening players with their own unique set of talents and attributes. The winner of a match will be determined by each user’s control and strategy, with random aspects such as the home/away team and lineup order adding spice to the competition.

The game features a World League, where we can use players and earn rewards based on match results, Situational drills with some missions and Memory Fragments mode. The graphics are really nice, specially if you like the cartoon style which was very popular in the Wii era, and still is.

On first take, on February 17th, the Super Baseball League soft-launched in Argentina, Australia, Canada, the Philippines, and the Netherlands, and supports five languages: Korean, English, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, and Spanish. Now the game is available for download globally on Android and iOS.

It’s free to download for Android and iOS user. It includes micro transactions that may affect the player experience in the game.

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