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Spiritle is an digital board game that revolves around turn-based strategy battles for four players. In this captivating adventure, players assume the role of a Spirit representing one of the four elements: Nature, Earth, Water, or Fire. Guided by the rhythmic progression of the four seasons, fallen Souls compete against each other, seeking to reclaim their rightful place in the World Tree.

The objective in Spiritle is to connect and match similar lands on the board to launch attacks and defeat your opponents. Before the battle begins, players select their Spirit and customize their skills accordingly. Once deployed on the board, characters can be moved strategically as players progressively uncover new tiles.

By pairing two identical lands, players gain the ability to launch attacks against their rivals. Each Spirit possesses its unique strategies and abilities, offering a wide range of tactical options. To emerge victorious, you must carefully choose the right combination of skills to outsmart your opponents. Spiritle is designed to be easy to learn, yet its depth and complexity make it a challenging game to master.

This board game offers various modes of play, allowing you to compete against other players in different ways. Engage in Classic battles, a competitive matchmaking mode featuring a leaderboard for ranked play. Alternatively, team up with a partner in the seasonal Cooperative mode, which brings chaotic 2v2 action to the forefront. For more intimate gatherings, the Custom mode allows you to play privately with friends. Spiritle provides a rich and diverse gaming experience.

Spiritle is available for download in Android and Steam PC. The iOS is now available too.

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