Soul Knight Prequel

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Soul Knight Prequel is a new game in the already famous Soul Knight saga. The game will continue the story from the original game where the player will act as a brave knight who’s responsible for building a Knight’s guild to fight against a herd of monsters and bring peace to the Soul Knight Continent.

Soul Knight Prequel is an RPG game. Soul Knight Prequel is set at a time when Hi-tech isn’t common place, so you will collect and mix & match epic items, customize and upgrade your hero to spice up the fight, and become the ultimate savior. There are a great variety of classes and skills available at your choice. Collect powerful items scattered across Soul Knight continent will make you stronger.

It is always hard for any sequel of a game to succeed, especially when there’s already a highly successful original game like Soul Knight. But the new Soul Knight Prequel seems like it is a more combat-oriented RPG compared to the long-range shooter like the original game, and there are chances that this sequel might create a fan base for itself and become successful.

Players will go on to collect different character classes to build an edge and defeat the monsters to bring peace to the whole world. Players will also be able to collect a variety of equipment and weapons to create a unique and efficient fighting style to help them on the battlefield. As a player goes on winning, he will be able to unlock more character classes which will consist of new skills and abilities to help fight against the monsters. The game has around 300 weapons for users to choose from during battles, with each weapon having its rarity and strength.

The game is in Pre-Register stage with new betas coming.


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