Shield Hero: RISE

Shield Hero: RISE Overview

The Rising of the Shield Hero: RISE, (Shield Hero: RISE), is an anticipated adventure title inspired by anime, developed by Eggtart, and is currently open for pre-registration on Android and iOS platforms. This game draws its inspiration from the immensely popular anime series “The Rising of the Shield Hero,” originally adapted from a light novel series authored by Aneko Yusagi and illustrated by Minami Seira.

In Shield Hero: RISE, players are immersed in a world where legendary heroes are summoned to confront and triumph over the formidable waves of challenges, closely mirroring the storyline of the original series. Developers have assured that the game faithfully preserves the anime’s narrative, characters, and distinctive art style, featuring the esteemed voice actors from Season 1 of the anime.

Within the game, players enjoy the flexibility to tailor their heroes and assemble squad lineups, granting them the freedom to choose from various hero types. The strategic utilization of weapons and shields is pivotal, allowing players to fine-tune shield attributes to their advantage during intense battles. Alongside the epic journey, players will forge meaningful bonds with their travel companions.

Shield Hero: RISE is now open for pre-registration, granting access to Android and iOS users via the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Furthermore, an ongoing pre-registration campaign promises players an array of enticing rewards upon the official game launch.


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