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Download the popular Roblox free for your Android phone and iPhone. Roblox is a platform, a community full of hundreds of mini games and special lobbies created by its own users as well as by the developers.

This is a virtual universe. It is full of games and areas where people from all over the world can meet and play. It has a game of each genre, action games, adventures, simulators and more. This thanks to the contribution of the community that makes this game grow day by day.

This game is available on many platforms, now also on cell phones. This version has the same features as the PC version. We have the most famous lobbies and games. We can go play the latest adventure or just pass it on the world or regional chat.

Graphically it is very simple. The graphic style reminds a bit of Minecraft, but in a more urban style. It is not surprising, this is not a game that consumes many resources, due to the graphic load of the game itself, but being an online game and having multiple people in the same space, it can sometimes be somewhat demanding with the hardware.

At the beginning we must create an account, this allows us to enter the game and create our avatar. This is the character design that will accompany us throughout the game, we can change it if we want. In the same way, dress it with the various items that we are finding or that can be bought in the store, either with the game currency or real money.

During the game we can explore all the mini games that the game has to offer. Each space gives us a different gaming experience. In some we will be part of an FPS style, in others we enter a Battle Royale, an arcade game, an adventure game, etc.

In itself Roblox works as a kind of “hub”, where we can find many things. It is currently a very popular game among children and young adolescents. The game has the appropriate tools so that if we wish, we can create our own space, ranging from a house, a room, to an entire city with its own rules and mechanics.

Roblox is free for PC, Android phones and iPhone. It’s not really heavy but it requires and internet connection all the time.

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