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Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent tells the story of a continent besieged by three villains who control “rings of divine power.” These artifacts give the big bad guys control over the three concepts that corrupt humanity the most: wealth, power, and fame. Those three elements serve as a running theme through this game’s multiple interweaving stories, and they also help build a set of antagonists who are instantly understandable, incredibly evil, and deliciously fun to hate.

Square Enix has been very active and positive in terms of regional limits. They are always happy to make players in some regions gnash their teeth. I’d like to say that the US version that finally launched after such a long wait actually doesn’t have an English voiceover. The pixel art style and retro graphics are still very good. But it still can’t escape being overrun by Gacha and various new characters like most mobile games.

The game features 2D pixel art, enhanced with 3D-CG effects, brings the wondrous world of Orsterra to life with beautifully stylized environments filled with side quests, dangerous bosses, and treasures. An strategic and Exhilarating Combat with an evolved command style battle system utilizes up to eight party members, with swipe controls that allow for fast paced command selection.

With over 64 characters at launch, explore an endless combination of characters to build your ultimate team. Pick the right team for the right fight and reign victorious on the battlefield. Yasunori Nishiki, the composer behind OCTOPATH TRAVELER, is back for this latest installment with new compositions exclusive to OCTOPATH TRAVELER: Champions of the Continent.

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent provides the player’s randomly chosen starting character with a ring of divine power of their own and the freedom to pursue whichever bad guy they want. That storyline freedom, an element borrowed from the first Octopath Traveler, is quite lovely.

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