Naruto Ultimate Duel

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Naruto Ultimate Duel is a new 3D Naruto open-world RPG adventure game for Android and iOS devices. The game is licensed by the Naruto Copyright Committee. The game presents a real Naruto open world for players, who can participate in the magnificent Naruto adventure story as a personal experience.

In this game we can freely explore all corners of the Naruto world, accept mission challenges, experience ninja life immersively, and relive classic IP memories. As one of the most anticipated Naruto mobile games by domestic players, reservations on the official website have now been opened.

In Naruto Ultimate Duel we can revisit the classic IP memories. With Naruto Sakura and other characters, use the classic ninjutsu moves, to an exciting and enjoyable ninja battle. The game has been announced in China but there is no release date or beta stage.

A global release may not come any time soon.

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