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Description, Supercell’s upcoming game, ventures into the vibrant realm of monster hunting, marking the studio’s colorful entry into this popular genre. Joining characters like Luna, Manny, and Jax, players embark on a quest across diverse parallel worlds in pursuit of unique creatures, testing their strength and skills in head-to-head encounters.

The dedication invested in these endeavors promises substantial rewards, making the journey truly fulfilling. What sets apart is its embrace of open-world hunting, granting players the freedom to explore expansive landscapes. This immersive experience encourages exploration and discovery within diverse and captivating environments, showcasing the richness of parallel worlds. introduces an extra layer of excitement with dungeon raids, plunging players into perilous environments that demand strategic thinking and combat prowess. Navigating these challenging dungeons becomes a thrilling aspect of the game, offering valuable rewards for those brave enough to face the dangers within.

By combining open-world exploration, monster hunting, and dungeon raids, not only captures the essence of the genre but elevates it to new heights. Despite any past criticism of Supercell, it’s evident that their expertise in mobile game development shines through, especially with their strategic move into the monster hunter genre.

We don’t have a release date yet, but for the past Betas, it would happen soon.

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