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Minecraft is a legendary title in the video game world and as such has inspired other games. One of these is Mini World Creata, an exploration game that brings the Minecraft experience to Android and iPhone mobile phones. A game like Blockman Go or Roblox.

This is a 3D Sandbox game, which allows you to develop your creativity by living an epic adventure with your friends. The game is free and does not limit the user with levels according to their experience, since it is creativity that will make you stand out from the rest.

In Mini World Creata we can make all kinds of constructions with the hundreds of blocks that the game gives us. For example the player can explore a giant world with a variety of monsters, blocks, building materials and mines.

In “Unique Game” mode, you can build with custom character designs. Whereas, in the “Single or Multiplayer Game”, the user can appear in a friend’s game or start a new world completely alone; this experience allows you to join other players around the world.

There are two game modes. The first is Survival, where you can collect the resources you need, make tools and build shelters to survive. As you have larger buildings, the challenge will be to maintain the design of the place created or to renew the forms of your buildings, in order to have the opportunity to challenge the most epic monsters in their dungeon.

Facing the Black Dragon in the Underworld is a challenge that all users must try. Meanwhile, in “Creation”, the resources you need to create your fantasy world are at your disposal from the beginning. You can place blocks to build mobile buildings, such as a castle, with which you could increase the speed of resource harvesting. A very interesting challenge.

Like any exploration game, it offers rewards for daily sessions, for unlocked achievements, which will help you get better blocks for your buildings. The limit of the game is the user’s creativity. This game allows you to build not only structures, but also creatures for your dream world and special weapons, which you can improve to your liking in the library accessories.

In the library, you can also upload and download the works you make. Also, while in multiplayer, you can take a look at the game map and your friends’ work.

As for the gameplay, the interface is efficient, but it will depend on the hardware of your mobile phone to obtain a good speed. The graphics are pretty good, but if you don’t have powerful hardware, you can struggle to change maps, especially in multiplayer.

As a result of the latest update, some users report that the game suffers from inconsistencies in the multiplayer connection.

But beyond the problems, you have to give it a try. For example, users can also develop games of their choice, as Mini World Creata has a powerful game editor. In this section you will find minigames such as puzzles or parkour, among others, which adds extra fun, especially if you play them together with your friends, in the experience of this title signed by SuperNice Digital Marketing.

Mini World Creata is free to download for Android and iOS users. It can only be played by children over the age of 10, so parents will have to keep an eye on what their children download.

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