Icarus M: Guild War

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Icarus M: Guild War is an action-packed MMORPG that places a strong emphasis on dynamic combos and aerial combat. Players have the option to select from a variety of classes to venture into the world and protect it from various factions.

The pre-registration period for Icarus M: Guild War is currently open and will continue until the game’s official release date on October 18th. This marks an eagerly awaited moment as it’s the first time this popular MMORPG has been made available to iOS users. Initially launched on Android devices to great success, VALOFE, the game’s developers, have decided to expand their user base.

Icarus M introduces a virtual token called VEL, which can be used for in-game assets or traded beyond the game’s confines. Due to the game’s success on Android, the value of this token has experienced a significant increase. Consequently, both players and developers are eagerly anticipating the impact of the iOS release. VALOFE will closely monitor the performance of this token-based economy and make future decisions based on its success.

With the iOS release of Icarus M: Guild War originally known as “Icarus M: Riders of Icarus,” several updates and enhancements are in store. The standout feature, guild wars, will undergo a significant revamp, transitioning from 10v10 battles to 3v3 battles. Nevertheless, VALOFE promises to maintain a fast-paced, strategically rich gaming experience through the introduction of exclusive items.

Icarus M: Guild War is presently available on Android, with the iOS version set to launch on October 18th.

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