Haikyu!! Touch The Dream

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Haikyu!! Touch The Dream is a volleyball game based on the hit Manga series, Haikyu!!. Players will be able to collect different characters from the manga series and form your very own volleyball team. Players can pre-register for the game now to receive tons of rewards when the game releases later this year.

In the game, you can organize a “dream team” that was not seen in the anime, and you can enjoy the game where chibi characters run around the court and the story that develops in full voice.

The developer, G Holdings Co., Ltd. will start accepting pre-registration for the new smartphone game “Haikyu !! TOUCH THE DREAM” from the anime “Haikyu !!” from Tuesday, November 8th. In addition to the start of pre-registration.

Game contents such as games and stories in which chibi characters appear are also released. The game includes completely drawn illustrations of the characters. The story is about a hot-blooded youth volleyball story unfolded by the main character, Shoyo Hinata, who is fascinated by volleyball.

There are plenty of content that will you keep happy, such as story mode, PvP, and tournaments. The game is only available in japanese.

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