Dunk City Dynasty

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NetEase has announced Dunk City Dynasty, a new basketball game set to be launched on iOS but available on Android. The game has obtained official licensing from the NBPA, guaranteeing the inclusion of renowned NBA stars such as Steph Curry, Luka Doncic, Kevin Durant, and Jordan Clarkson.

Dunk City Dynasty stands out with its distinctive art style, deviating from realism in favor of a stylized approach. Bursting with vibrant colors, the game heavily embraces street basketball fashion and offers abundant options for personalizing your players. There will be basketball superstars. These players possess special skills that can potentially turn the tide of a match. For example, Steph Curry possesses the extraordinary ability known as “Never Give Up.”

You won’t have to face the challenges alone, as Dunk City Dynasty allows you to team up with friends or other players, aiming to dominate the game collectively. For those less inclined towards multiplayer, the game also offers the intriguing Special Dynasty Mode, where you step into the shoes of a coach. In this role, you will build an All-Star team and make strategic decisions. Additionally, the 11-Point Game Mode delivers fast-paced action, putting your offensive and defensive skills to the test.

The development team has dedicated considerable effort to refining the movement system, aiming for precise controls that replicate the real-life counterparts of each NBA star. Performance optimization is also a top priority, with the utilization of features like multi-thread rendering, super-resolution, and variable refresh rates, ensuring players can enjoy a high frame rate without excessive battery drain.

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