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Death’s Door, a standout indie title, is soon to become a mobile exclusive for Netflix subscribers on Android and iOS. In this Zelda-esque adventure, players assume control of a crow assigned to collect souls for the bureaucratic Reaping Commission Headquarters in the afterlife.

The game’s premise is both straightforward and intriguing: as a reaper, your task is to harvest the soul of a particularly formidable monster resisting the natural order. However, when the soul you are assigned to retrieve is unexpectedly stolen, your journey takes you to the hauntingly beautiful undying realm beyond Death’s Door. To access it, you must scour the lands for three powerful souls, engaging in entertaining and challenging boss fights along the way.

While the game may not offer an extensive array of rewards beyond collectibles and health/magic shrines, the allure of exploration is pervasive. The temptation to stray from the main path to discover hidden areas or devise strategies to reach distant upgrade shrines is a constant challenge.

Death’s Door is a must-play for those seeking the nostalgic thrill of a classic Zelda dungeon-delving experience, coupled with impeccable combat against waves of foes in a mysterious world. Despite the limited variety of rewards, the abundance of secrets and the seamless integration of puzzle-solving and combat encounters make for a highly engaging and challenging experience.

Currently available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC, the mobile version is set to launch in 2024, with no specific release date announced yet.

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