Can Roblox IP ban your account?

Updated: March 7, 2023

A Roblox IP Ban is real. The game has strict rules, so sometimes you might not even notice how you might be breaking them. Moreover, there are different types of bans in the game (soft bands, shadow bans, banned by IP, etc). Read this guideline to find out if Roblox IP can ban your account.

Even though Roblox did not confirm that they can ban your IP address, an IP ban is present in the game. If you head to Reddit, Twitter, or gaming forums, you can find thousands of players who got banned by IP and cannot play the game anymore.

IP ban affects all the accounts you have ever used on PC and mobile. That means if you make a new account on the same PC/IP, it will be instantly terminated. Still, the main problem with getting banned by IP is that it is nearly impossible to appeal and get access to your accounts again.

IP ban is extremely rare. It is sanctioned only against players who have significantly broken the game rules.

Why Roblox makes IP Ban?

One of the most straightforward reasons for an IP Ban is cheating on multiple accounts. For the first offence, your account will be deleted or permanently banned. But you can lose access to all your Roblox profiles if you try to cheat even more.
Another widespread reason for an IP ban in Roblox is adult content. In such cases, 90% of players get banned by IP address.

The last and least widespread reason for an IP ban is risking the game’s safety. It includes creating cheats, managing hacking Roblox websites, and other stuff classified as highly dangerous.

What to do if you get a Roblox IP Ban?

First, don’t get banned. Follow the rules, but if it is the case. The first thing you may try is using VPN services. It might allow you to create a new account and play the game for a few days. But the developers are likely to find your IP address and block you even if you are using a VPN.

The only option to change your IP forever is to change your Internet Provider Services. It will make your IP address change, and you can play Roblox and any other games when you are IP banned. But the disadvantage is that it costs a lot of time, money, and other resources.

As you can see, a Roblox IP ban may happen, but it does so only in extreme cases. If you are a player who doesn’t use cheats or share adult content, the chances of getting IP banned are meagre. Be sure to follow the Roblox Community Standars.

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