BLUE LOCK Project: World Champion (PWC)

BLUE LOCK Project: World Champion (PWC) Overview

Download BLUE LOCK Project: World Champion (ブルーロック Project: World Champion) for Android and iPhone. Only available on Japan and now Pre Register on Global. The game is based on the popular anime and manga. In this game, players have to train the best football team: “The assistant is fired. Now I’ll lead the players.”

“Personal Training” allows you to grow your favorite player any way you want. It’s all up to you how to enhance your stats and what skills you will get. Unleash your original story with players in Personal Training. Communicate with our training players and help them grow.

There is a command selection system for matches that is easy for beginners to enjoy. Based on 3 types of matchups such as “Speed”, “Technical” and “Physical”, including player status. Compete with rivals on the trained players.

Blue Lock is a manga that tells about a program designed by the Japanese federation after their failure at the 2018 World Cup. Together with Ego Jinpachi, Japan is trying to form a strong team that can compete at the world level, for example, the 2022 World Cup.

Right now BLUE LOCK Project: World Champion is only available on the japanese store. There are no news about a global release. If you are a fan, you can download the game and try it on Android with a japanese account or the APK in PC with an emulator.

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BLUE LOCK Project: World Champion

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