Arknights Endfield

Arknights Endfield


Hypergryph announced through a trailer the development of the video game Arknights Endfield for PC, Android and iOS. At the moment the release date and the genre of this video game are unknown. However, the official website of this project indicates that the game will have a strategic and RPG component. Along with this announcement, the Chinese company also published a gameplay trailer and several promotional images.

Welcome to Talos-II, a dangerous planet rife with catastrophes and risks. The first pioneers toiled for years to establish a foothold. Settlements and nomadic cities sheltered by massive walls formed a new foundation for our civilization. But the vast wildlands and uninhabited territories stretching far beyond the colonies of the Habitable Band have yet to be surveyed. As such, most of this world remain untamed.

Originium engines rumble in the wildlands while automated construction machinery work around the clock to deploy new industry complex production lines. You will lead a professional team of Endfield Industries operators. Explore this world, conquer this land, recover lost technologies, and unearth secrets hidden within the abandoned ruins.

Arknights Endfield is in early stages. We expect the game release for late 2022 or mid 2023.

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Arknights Endfield: Announced

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