Angry Birds Journey

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Download Angry Birds Journey, the last game in the Angry Birds franchise from Rovio. Angry Birds Journey takes us to into a wild adventure far reaches of their world in search of mysterious egg-shaped artifacts known as the Egg Wonders. As usual, we have to face the piggies in our quest.

This is a puzzle game with more than hundred levels, each one with it’s own difficult and rewards. In each level we have to resolve the puzzle in the most effective way in order to rescue the hatchlings from the piggies. Like any other Angry Birds game, the content in huge and we can expect to spend a lot of time in the game.

Angry Birds Journey is an easy to pick up game to play anytime. It’s more like a casual and arcade game. We don’t have to spend a lot of time daily, we can play it at our own pace. There are a lot of levels where we can have fun and relax trying to resolve the puzzles.

The game feels more like a remake of the classic games from the franchise, with nice new graphics but almost the same simple and intuitive mechanics. There are classic characters and new ones from the franchise, even from their movie. New locations, some new mechanics, and a nice and fun background story about the Egg Wonders.

The game is free to play, there are some in game content we have to pay for it, but we don’t need to spend anything in order to clear the game. But be careful because some items are really expensive (to 99$), and the game of course has some roadblocks wich can incite us to pay for some items.

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