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Download Alchemy Stars from Level Infinite Studios. After 17 years, you have finally returned to the surface. Command the Colossus and soar over the ancient ruins. Traverse through the capital and the desert.

Alchemy Stars lets us the players use different characters with their own attributes in a world where magic and technology collide. The one-of-a-kind combination of elemental attributes and tactical attacks makes for a refreshing combat experience. Players can unleash Chain Combos in Battle.

All this is done in a beautiful anime art style that combined the talent of 150 artists to ensure the character designs are top-notch in full Live2D with amazing environments. You can level up each Aurorian on your team in a variety of ways. Upgrade each character’s unique Breakthrough and Ascension skills.

The pool of diverse characters to choose from also makes the gameplay even more engaging, as each character has their own own quirks and personalities. You can even interact with them by sending them gifts and chatting with them to improve the relationships between you.

To top it all off, Alchemy Stars features an epic storyline that chronicles the battle between “Aurorians” and “Eclipsites” in an adventure that takes you through darkness and light.

Alchemy Stars is available for Android and iPhone users.

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