Punk Royale 2052: A Cyberpunk Battle

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Punk Royale 2052 is an upcoming action game, battle royale, which will be free to play on the Google Play store. In this game we can skydive out of a Private Jet and land on to the futuristic island ‘Ocean City’, a city of vice and chaos. Traverse the map in search of awesome cybernetic augmentations that enhance your abilities and eliminate the competition using hi-tech weapons. 

Although weapons are necessary to eliminate your opponents in battle-royale, in Punk Royale 2052, cybernetic augmentations are your golden ticket to achieving the goal of the last one alive in a more cyberpunk fashion. You can enhance your visual capabilities using eye augmentations that help you by providing knowledge of the battle field.

Punk Royale 2052 offers rich and unique gameplay combining features of Battle Royale game mode and use of Cyberware enhancements. Use cyberware to get the upper hand on enemies and fire away your weapons to eliminate them. Explore and search the island of ‘Ocean City’ for weapons, grenades, medkits and of course augmentations. Battle in a 100 player game mode to prove your skills and worthy of joining the elite.

Punk Royale 2052 is on pre-register stage. You will need an Android with 2GB of available storage, RAM 2GB+, CPU Snapdragon 400 series or above, GPU Adreno 500 series or above.

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