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Epic Ape Madness is a new Survivor game developed by Brickworks Games Ltd. You can download the game from the Google Play Store by Android users in the U.K. Epic Ape Madness is a survivor game based on an RPG gameplay setting with an interesting setting.

The game makes players control a monkey that tries to survive the deadly city of Apepire. The game covers and includes various other monkey gangs and monkey bosses which add a very special twist to the game. There is not a single human in the game it is all about Apes.

The game offers choices in terms of personalization and customization so that your monkey can stand out in the group. Players can create their own crib in the game. The game is open world game that also lets you customize literally everything from your clothes to your crib and even your weapons. You can use blueprints to not only upgrade your character but also your weapons. The game has a lot to offer, players can easily lose multiple hours in this game without a sense of regret.

You start the game as a civilized monkey but as you will progress further in the story you will explore that the city is run by the monkey mafia and in no time you will cross paths with them. The game also offers a PvP experience where players can join in with their friends and form a local clan and up and take down the local Mafia.

The game is free to download in the Google Play Store, but now is limited to UK players. Epic Ape Madness requires an internet connection.

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