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Download Wipeout Party Royale, a new mobile fall guys-like game that are made by Shengqu games. This game is only available on Brazil and doesn’t seem to get out of there, for now. Wipeout Party Royale is a multiplayer game that features flashy avatars and clothing options, allowing players to customize their appearance. Players can choose to play with friends in co-op mode or compete against each other.

“Wipeout: Party Royale is a great game that you can play with tons of your friends through a series of different levels, round after round of chaos, obstacles and incredible challenges until a winner emerges. This is an endless runner game that lets you run, marathon and slide past competitors in their very colorful and wacky software designs.”

Uncle McDonald, Street Girl, Biker Boy are waiting for you! Clothes, costumes, accessories… Many looks available for free to play. You will always find one that suits you. You can play with many different friends through a number of different levels, round after round of mayhem. Or you can also defeat your opponents and rivals and overcome everything at every step until you win! Jump, punch, pick up and throw!

The game lets you run, marathon and slide past competitors in a super colorful and crazy design and software. You can blast a cannonball in the dessert world and put the track shoes on the current or even throw the others. The game is currently in a testing phase and we look forward to hearing from each player what they really think.

Wipeout Party Royale is only available on Brazil.

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