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This is a surprise. Soul Knight Arena is a mobile battle royale game from ChillyRoom. Soul Knight Arena ventures into an unconventional genre for a franchise synonymous with pixelated and isometric dungeon crawls for rare loot. In terms of gameplay, it follows the battle royale formula – players are loaded into the lobby, given a brief window to land on the map, and engage in intense, shorter matches.

Developed by ChillyRoom, an indie game studio in Shenzhen, China, known for popular titles like Soul Knight, Otherworld Legends, and We Happy Restaurant, Soul Knight Arena takes a different approach. While the release date for the game remains unconfirmed, the recent entry of Soul Knight Prequel into early access for Android in the Philippines builds anticipation.

Soul Knight Arena promises a more concentrated experience with shorter but more intense gameplay, featuring formidable bosses and other players as challenges while striving to be the last standing in the arena. The graphics, although pixel art-inspired, exhibit improved quality, ensuring smooth transitions in actions and movements.

With a small team size, squads consist of three players competing on a compact map. The player count is limited to 33, emphasizing quick and direct entertainment. Each character in the game possesses unique skills and abilities, allowing players to choose based on their preferences.

Currently available on TapTap, Soul Knight Arena is anticipated to launch on Google Play and the App Store soon, offering players a distinctive take on the battle royale genre.

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