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Indus Battle Royale is an upcoming game from SuperGaming Indian developer. The Closed Beta Test as the next step in bringing its Indo-Futuristic battle royale Indus to the world.

Cosmium, the most coveted resource in the galaxy, serves as your sole purpose on Indus, the enigmatic planet you find yourself on. Commissioned by COVEN to retrieve this precious substance, you, known as Mythwalker, embark on a quest for both fame and fortune in the uncharted realms of this mystifying world. Cosmium, an extraordinary element, materializes gradually as battles unfold. Uncover it, and victory becomes yours instantly, defying the notion that triumph solely belongs to the last survivor.

As a Mythwalker, you embody a hired gun, an audacious explorer, a blank canvas poised for adventure. Your insatiable curiosity drives you headlong into the realms of planet Indus, working on behalf of COVEN, a syndicate that spans galaxies. Indus remains an enigma to most spacefaring societies, an untouched realm of ever-shifting, uncharted islands.

“Experience a revolutionary form of gunplay, meticulously tailored for mobile platforms. Choose your weapon from a diverse arsenal encompassing everything from sniper rifles to potent hand cannons. Engage in riveting battles meticulously designed to deliver an unmatched level of excitement within the realm of battle royale.”

The battle royale mode, as well as several battle-tested features are included in the Indus Closed Beta. Pre-register for the game on Google Play Store to be among the first to gain access to the Indus Closed Beta.

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