Sonic Mania Plus coming to Netflix Games

Updated: December 14, 2023

Netflix Games has unveiled an expansive lineup of titles set to hit the platform, with Sonic Mania Plus taking center stage. The announcement on the Netflix website revealed that they have a staggering 90 games in the pipeline for their gaming platform, surpassing the previous year’s count of 86.

The blog post puts the spotlight on four titles slated for a 2024 release on Netflix Games: Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, Fashionverse, Game Dev Tycoon, and Sonic Mania Plus. Notably, Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit is an in-house creation by Netflix, developed internally by their subsidiary Spry Fox.

While the exact release dates for these games remain undisclosed, it’s confirmed that they will be available at some point in 2024. Netflix Games has been a hub for console titles adapted for mobile devices, hosting a diverse array of games like Samurai Shodown, Into The Breach, and Dead Cells.

The platform also features games inspired by Netflix shows, including Love Is Blind and various titles based on Stranger Things. In addition to the highlighted games, Netflix shared a more extensive list of titles in development, encompassing Braid: Anniversary Edition, Katana Zero, and Supergiant’s roguelite masterpiece, Hades.

For those unfamiliar, Netflix Games can be accessed through the Netflix app. However, unlike the shows, these games need to be installed on your device and logged into with your Netflix account to play.

Source: Netflix Games

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