FIFA Mobile: How to Buy and Sell Players

Updated: November 30, 2022

If you play FIFA Mobile 2023 you may know that one of the most attractive features in the game is the option to build our own team. We can do this in the FIFA Market, this is one of the most important elements in the game, and also one of its advantages over others because this market feature is rarely found in other football games, except for eFootball PES.

The most important thing to know about the FIFA Market is that is not an open market. The market is regulated by market bot who act as a middle-man or broker and keeps the prices in control.

Buying Players in FIFA Mobile 23

Suppose you want to purchase a player, head to the Market, and hit the Search button. There we may use the filter. Use it to locate that player in who you are interested and looking for. We can user the player name, OVR, price, etc. Once you have completed choosing the options, it is time to click the Search button and select the one we want.


The cards you see in the market are sold by a bot. When you buy a card, the market bot will look at the listing queue and buy one of the cheapest cards, to replace the card you bought.

Selling Players in FIFA Mobile 22

But if we want to sell some players, first head over to “My Players” and you’ll be able to see the players available for you to sell, then go to the Market and hit the Sell button. There we can drag and drop the player for sale. Make sure you check the highest and lowest prices, pick the time for the listing period, and hit Post Item. The cards that you sell will not be visible to other users (buyers), and cards that are sell by other users cannot be seen by you either.

Remember that before anything we have to unlock the players to make them available to sell. Also, if there’s a player you’d like to keep an eye on but you aren’t ready to purchase, add him to your watchlist.

This, the transfer market, its one of the simplest ways to get coins within the game. Selling players is a very important part of the game, especially if what we want is to sell players a little more expensive than what they cost us at the beginning.

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