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Download Annihilation Mobile, the first bangladeshi battle royale game for Android. An interesting battle royale game can be found in Annihilation Mobile. This is a game where, through different modes, we have to fight for survival, to be the character that remains alive after a hard fight in inhospitable terrain. Like many others Battle Royale.

The game begins with the heroes who take part in the story, which takes place in the future (2030). In the first episode, ‘Prologue’, the heroes rebel against a secret organization called ‘Council’. Suddenly, unidentified devices start appearing among the heroes, who deduce that the ‘Council’ has decided to attack long before, so it’s up to the player to find out what’s going on.

The story of Annihilation Mobile unfolds as the season and episodes progress, but like others battle royale, we must survive against 60 other players to win the game. The main mission will be to stop the actions of the ‘Council’, which have interference in every corner of the Annihilation universe. During the games, we will face aliens and robots that will seek to stop our progress.

The Annihilation Mobile setting is very attractive, we must make the most of all the weapons that we will have to escape from the most dangerous situations. During each match, heroes can move on foot or in vehicles available on the map. We can unlock new abilities for each hero as we play, this will allow our heroes defeat the fearsome attacks of increasingly powerful enemies. Each chosen hero has unique abilities, advantages and weaknesses, so you must choose your character properly from the beginning, to have a greater chance of victory.

Available for Play Store and App Store, Annihilation Mobile has a great visual development, with good graphics and interesting maps, where players can unleash their full potential to try to exterminate the ‘Council’. In this futuristic universe, the player will be able to immerse himself in a story full of fun and mysteries, as well as a lot of action.

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