The King of Fighters Arena

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The King of Fighters Arena is an upcoming game from Netmarble. You can pre-register and download the game in Android and iOS. The King of Fighters Arena is a blockchain fighting game based on The King of Fighters IP. Players will be able to collect different KOF characters from different era and participate in 1v1 battles.

The King of Fighters Arena is described as a PvP battler featuring real-time fights with other players online, and according to the game’s App Store description it will feature “every KOF fighter.”

So it can be a huge game, remember that The King of Fighters series as a whole is creeping up on its 30th anniversary, so you can imagine just how many characters have appeared throughout the 15 entries and numerous spin-offs over the last three decades.

The gameplay seems to show a full-blown fighting game and one that has been streamlined for touchscreens. Visually the game is looking great. The King of Fighters Arena will be a free to play game. But, there is a important thing, it seems to somehow work with tokens and blockchain. We can read at their website:

“Our objective is to highlight the very nature of the game’s exciting battle system and provide a profitable environment for token holders. Along with high quality game contents, we will provide a sustainable Tokenomics that will ensure a stable profit.”

We don’t know what any of this means. Meantime, you can pre-register on the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store for Android for a special art and background collection, and you can pre-register on the game’s website itself using your email to unlock a special title and title panel.

* Unlike the global version, the service in Japan of this work “KOF ARENA” does not apply blockchain systems such as character NFTs and game tokens.

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