Shades: Shadow Fight

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Shades: Shadow Fight is a fighting action game from NEkki that acts as a sequel to the iconic Shadow Fight 2, picking up the narrative where the previous game left off.

Shades returns to the franchise’s roots, embracing the beloved shadow-themed aesthetic and gameplay. After a soft launch in specific regions, the game has now globally launched. It showcases its signature 2D visuals with a modern twist, featuring breathtaking backgrounds and lifelike combat animations set against stunning landscapes. The battles have amped up excitement with an easy-to-learn combat system, promising a thrilling fighting experience.

Seize control by choosing your weapon and mastering its use, unleashing epic combat sequences to conquer your enemies. Encounter a variety of foes, absorb Shadow Energy, and unlock potent abilities. The ability to combine different Shades for unique attack sequences adds a significant advantage.

The game features easy-to-learn combat system that offers a perfect fighting experience 1. Each Rift run is unique, and the player encounters various enemies, absorbs Shadow Energy, and acquires Shades – random powerful abilities. The game also features rogue-like elements, where the player can mix different Shades, unlock synergies, and become unstoppable.

The inclusion of comics enhances the storytelling experience. Get ready to face unprecedented adversaries not encountered in previous Shadow series installments. Dive into the action by grabbing Shades: Shadow Fight Roguelike on Android and iOS through the Google Play Store and App Store after its official launch.

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