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SNK has just unveiled that the previously disclosed mobile edition of the Samurai Shodown fighter will soon launch globally on Netflix in the coming week. Currently undergoing a soft launch in the Philippines, the full-scale release is scheduled for August 29th. This marks an impressive addition to Netflix’s roster, which has already seen a prosperous year.

Prepare for lethal combat! The iconic blade-clashing fighting series returns with its mobile game rendition, set a year before the inaugural installment. It seamlessly combines modernized high-end visuals and gameplay with the faithfully recreated mechanics and ambiance that initially propelled Samurai Shodown to success. A spectrum of warriors and fighters, each driven by distinct ambitions, is poised to engage in battles that will shape their destinies!

The game upholds an enduring legacy: The new iteration is determined to deliver the same gripping and adrenaline-pumping action that the series is renowned for. The arena resounds with intense and grand battles. Visually stunning: Leveraging the prowess of the UNREAL® ENGINE 4, the series attains an unprecedented level of intricacy, unveiling an entirely fresh visual encounter.

A rich array of characters: From an energetic Texan ninja to a wise yet bumbling Chinese warrior — the selection extends to over a dozen playable characters, each wielding memorable moves tailored to their distinctive personalities.

Starting from August 29th, you can acquire Samurai Shodown on the iOS App Store  and on Google Play for Android here upon its release.

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